Malibu High (1979) watch online

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Directed by: Irvin Berwick Actors: Jill Lansing, Stuart Taylor, Katie Johnson Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Death in Denim, High School Hit Girl, Lovely But Deadly Description: When a high school senior is dumped by her boyfriend, her grades fall drastically…to avoid failing, she begins seducing her male teachers. Thus begins her downward […]

Teenie Tulip (1970) watch online softcore

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Directed by: Gerard Damiano Actors: Brenda Baines, Bridget, Steve Dickenson Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Can’t Get Enough,Hungry Mouth,Teuflische Gelüste Description:This 1970s softcore effort is an early offering from Gerard Damiano, here a long way from the existential bleakness of The Devil in Miss Jones and Memories Within Miss Aggie, or […]

Swedish Fly Girls (1971) watch online

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Directed by: Jack O’Connell Stars: Birte Tove, Baard Owe, Clinton Greyn Language: English Country: Denmark Also known as: Christa Description: A gorgeous Danish stewardess flirts brashly with her male passengers then beds them one after another in her Copenhagen home . . . This Content Available to see only for PAID MEMBERS […]

Mated (1952) watch online

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Directed by: Gordon Schindler Language: English Country: Usa Also known as: I Want a Baby, Painless Childbirth Through Hypnosis, Mystery of Womanhood Description: A video “marriage manual” explains differences between the sexes and what to expect after you’ve tied the knot. Or does it? Very strange . . . This Content Available […]

Daddy, Darling (1970) watch incest movie

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Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno Actors: Helli Louise, Gio Petré, Ole Wisborg, Lise Henningsen Language: English Country: Denmark | USA Also known as: Caresses interdites, I vizi proibiti delle giovani Svedesi, Katja – Alle brauchen Liebe Description: Kate is 19 years old and she lives with his widowed father. Together they are very attached to each other. Katie once idealistic […]

Frustrated Wives (1973) watch UNCUT

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Directed by: Arnold L. Miller Actors: Hilary Labow, Amber Kammer, Barry Rhode Language: English Country: UK Also known as: Sex Farm, Kotirouvat vieraissa, Frustrated Wives Two frustrated wives decide to visit a health farm for a weekend where they become involved in orgies while their husbands amuse themselves at work in a similar fashion . […]

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