The Love Ban (1973) watch uncut

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Directed by: Ralph Thomas Stars: Hywel Bennett, Nanette Newman, Milo O’Shea, Nicky Henson, Angharad Rees, Georgina Hale, Pauline Delaney, Madeline Smith, Antonia Ellis, Angela Pleasence Language: English Country: Uk | Imdb Info Also known as: Anyone for Sex? Description: Satirical sex comedy about a young mother of six who doesn’t want […]

The Shadowed Mind (1988) watch uncut

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Directed by: Cedric Sundstrom Stars: Towje Kleiner, Rufus Swart, Adrienne Pearce, Trish Downing, Simon Poland, Jennifer Steyn, Hayley Dorskey, Debra Kaye, Simon Sabela Language: English Country: South Africa | Imdb Info Description: Stephanie, arrives as a patient at a private clinic for sufferers of sexual dysfunction run by Dr Hildesheimer. Stephanie’s […]

Hanging Heart (1983) watch uncut

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Directed by: Jimmy Lee Stars: Barry Wyatt, Jake Henry, Francine Lapensée, John Stevens, Valerie Swift, Dan Zukovic, Debra Robinson, Ingrid Vold Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: Denny is a struggling actor whose girlfriend’s dead body is found in the theater where they have been preparing for their new […]

Graverobbers (1988) watch uncut

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Directed by: Straw Weisman Stars: Elizabeth Mannino, Jerry Rector, David Gregory, Larry Bockius, Judith Mayes, Kevin Scullin Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also nown as: Grave Robbers, Dead Mate, Obitorium Description: Cute waitress/hooker is romanced and wed to handsome stranger/funeral director. He, as well as most of the […]

Agnus Dei (1997) watch uncut

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Directed by: Cæcilia Holbek Trier Stars: Amalie Dollerup, Kirsten Rolffes, Bodil Jørgensen, Lisbet Dahl, Cecilia Zwick-Nash Language: Danish | Subtitles: English Country: Denmark | Imdb Info Also known as: Nonnebørn Description: The young girl Johannes is left by her mother at a solemn convent school. The school is a strange world […]

Sparrows Are Birds Too (1969) watch uncut

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Directed by: György Hintsch Stars: László Kabos, Ilona Medveczky, József Szendrõ, Gyula Buss, Ildikó Piros, László Inke, Ferenc Kállai Language: Hungarian | Subtitles: English Country: Hungary | Imdb Info Also known as: A veréb is madár Description: A comedy about two twin brothers — Sándor, who emigrated and became a rich […]

Up Yours (1979) watch uncut

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Directed by: John Hayes, Eddie Ryder Stars: Eddie Ryder, Michael Heit, Cindy Morgan, Rick Dillon, Tallie Cochrane, Belinda Balaski, Jill Jacobson, Lola French Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Also known as: Up Your Ladder Description: Story – it has one? Well, it’s supposed to be an

Virgin Sacrifice (1960) watch uncut

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Directed by: Fernando Wagner Stars: David DaLie, Angélica Morales, Antonio Gutiérrez, Fernando Wagner, Linda Cordova, Clarence Landry, Nina Peron, Lydia Goya Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description: A white hunter in South America falls in love with a native girl and must save her from becoming a virgin sacrifice […]

Preppies (1984) watch uncut

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Directed by: Chuck Vincent Stars: Dennis Drake, Steven Holt, Peter Brady Reardon, Nitchie Barrett, Cindy Manion, Katie Stelletello, Katt Shea, Lynda Wiesmeier, Jo-Ann Marshall Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info Description:  Three sexy young women are hired to ensure that three college students don’t pass their

Cheeky (2000) watch uncut

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Directed by: Tinto Brass Stars: Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Berardi, Francesca Nunzi, Max Parodi, Leila Carli Language: English Country: Italy | Imdb Info Also known as: Tra(sgre)dire, Transgressions, Trasgredire Description: In London, the Venetian Carla Borin is searching an apartment to share with her beloved boyfriend Matteo. She meets the

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